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Earthquake Encyclopedia
of the Dead Sea Transform

Earthquakes felt or reported in the vicinity of the Dead Sea Transform

by Jefferson Williams

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Name Date
Fortress at Arad Quake ~250 BCE
Posidonius Quake 2nd Century BCE
Dead Fish and Soldiers Quake 142 BCE
Malalas Confusion Quake 130 or 148 BCE ?
Sieberg Quake [117 BCE]
Seventeenth of Adar Quake [28 Feb 92 BCE]
Pompey Quake ~65 BCE
Pig on the Wall Quake 64 BCE
Josephus Quake Early Spring or Fall 31 BCE
Solar Eclipse Quake 24 Nov 29 CE
Jerusalem Quake [Friday and Sunday] 26-36 CE
Paul and Silas Quake 48 - 51 CE
Jewish War Quake [68 CE]
Sybil Quake 76 – 81 CE – probably between June 78 AD and June 79 CE
Migowski Quake I ~90 CE
Incense Road Quake Early 2nd century CE
Trajan Quake Early Morning Saturday 13 December 115 CE
Eusebius Mystery Quake [~130 CE]
Migowski Quake II ~175 CE
Capitolias Theater Quake Mid Third Century CE
Eusebius' Martyr Quake 303 - 306 CE ?
Aila Quake 1st half of 4th century
Beirut Conversion Quake 347/348/349 CE
Cyril Quakes Saturday 18 May and Sunday 19 May 363 CE
Monaxius and Plinta Quake Winter/Spring 419 CE
Negev Quake late 5th - early 6th century CE
Fire in the Sky Quake 22 August 502 CE
551 CE Beirut Quake 6 or 9 July 551 CE
Inscription at Areopolis Quake Late 6th Century CE - before 597 CE
Sign of the Prophet Quake 613-622 CE
Sword in the Sky Quake September 634 CE
Jordan Valley Quake 659/660 CE - probably Friday 7 June & Sunday 9 June 659 CE
Sabbatical Year Quakes UNDER CONSTRUCTION
By No Means Mild Quake March 756 CE


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Events B and C in Nahal Ze 'elim - Williams et. al. (2012)
Events B and C in Nahal Ze 'elim. from Williams et. al. (2012)