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Petra - Khubtha Cliff

The Royal Tombs of Petra The Royal Tombs of Petra

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Transliterated Name Source Name
Khubtha Arabic كهوبتها
The Royal Tombs of Petra English
Royal Nabataean Necropolis English

The western slope of Khubtha Cliff has some of the largest tombs in Petra and is often referred to as the Royal Nabataean Necropolis ( Zayadine, F., 1973).

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4th century CE Earthquake (?)

Zayadine (1973) excavated on the western slope of Khubtha Cliff; uncovering a small dwelling in a cave in "Area A". Inside the cave, Zayadine (1973) found objects dated to the beginning of the 4th century CE noting that "it was tempting to consider that the cave was abandoned after an earthquake."

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