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Transliterated Name Source Name
es-Sufeira Arabic
Hisfiyya Aramaic or Hebrew

Eisenberg and Osband (2022:172) report that es-Sufeira is located within the village of Hispin (aka Haspin).

Maps and Aerial Views
Maps and Aerial Views


  • Fig. 1 - Location Map from Eisenberg and Osband (2022)

Aerial Views

  • Haspin and envrions in Google Earth
  • Haspin and envrions on

Eusebius Martyr Quake (between ~303 and ~306 CE)


Eisenberg and Osband (2022) report that excavators Zingboym and Kleiner (2021) suggest that the Eusebius Martyr Quake (between ~303 and ~306 CE) damaged the site.


Eisenberg and Osband (2022)


The site of es-Sufeira is located inside the modern village of Hispin (Cohen and Talshir 1999; Zingboym and Kleiner 2021). Residential buildings dating to the Roman period were uncovered in excavations at the site in two separate areas (0. Zingboym, personal communication). The upper excavated area continued later than the lower one. D.T. Ariel, who read the coins from the upper area (Table 12), concludes that the latest coins dated from 346 CE. The excavation results indicate the site's abandonment likely before the 363 CE earthquake. Pottery from the excavations at the site were reviewed by M. Osband. The upper area includes forms that are common at Fakhura and Majduliyya but also LRRW and common Byzantine pottery that were not found at Majduliyya or Fakhura. The pottery assemblage from the area is similar to at Majduliyya with no LRR W or typical Byzantine period forms. The findings suggest that this village became smaller sometime in the late 3rd /first half of the 4th century and was then abandoned around the mid-4th century. The excavators, in a recent publication, suggest that the 303 CE earthquake damaged the site, which was abandoned by the end of the first third of the 4th century (Zingboym and Kleiner 2021).

Notes and Further Reading

Articles and Books

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