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Qasr al-Yahud

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Transliterated Name Language Name
Qasr al-Yahud Arabic قصر اليهود
Qasr al-Yahud Hebrew קאסר אל יהוד
Monastery of John The Baptist English
Mār John Syriac

The Byzantine Ruins of the Church of John the Baptist (Qasr al-Yahud) are located near to the Jordan River. The church was located adjacent to a pilgrimage site where, according to tradition, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. This site is also traditionally identified as the site where the ancient Israelites first crossed into the "Promised Land" (Joshua 3) - hence the reason for the Arabic name of al-Yahud ("of the Jews").

Maps and Aerial Views
Maps and Aerial Views

  • Location Map from Serbian Orthodox Church
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  • Qasr al-Yahud on

7th century CE earthquake

The Maronite Chronicle states that the Monastery of John The Baptist (Mār John aka Qasr al-Yehud) was destroyed by an earthquake around 660 CE - uprooted from its foundations.

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