Paturel, S. (2019:165) describes Niha and Hosn Niha as follows
Aside from Baalbek-Heliopolis itself, Niha is the largest sanctuary site in the Bekaa valley and this size, coupled with the information derived from inscriptions found at the site, point to it being an important sanctuary within the colonia. The neighbouring Hosn Niha is perhaps the best example of a village sanctuary in the Bekaa, given the information revealed by recent survey work on-site.
551 CE Beirut Earthquake

Paturel, S. (2019:185) reports potential archaeoseismic evidence at the Sanctuary of Hosn Niha in the Bekka Valley.

Late Roman: Church

The Large Temple may have been modified prior to its destruction in a large earthquake, probably the earthquake of 551CE that devastated Berytus (Yasmine 2009, 140, 2013, 703). At the end of the sixth century, monumental blocks were reused to construct a Byzantine church on the sanctuary terrace in front of the remains of the Large Temple.

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