Khirbet ed-Dharih Aerial view of Khirbet ed-Dharih


  • Reference: APAAME_20020930_DLK-0254.tif
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  • Credit: Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East
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Transliterated Name Source Name
Dharih Arabic
Khirbet ed-Dharih Arabic خربة الذريح

Khirbet ed-Dharih experienced a very long period of occupation, from the Edomite period (Iron Age, about 1000 BC) until the end of the Middle Ages (beginning of the Ottoman period, 16th century), but it was especially during the Nabataean period and the Roman period that it underwent its most important phase of development. (Durand, 2015:14)

Maps and Plans Chronology
363 CE Earthquake

Durand (2015:14) attributes abandonment of A2 baths in Dharih to the southern Cyril Quake of 363 CE. Durand (2015:14) states that during the Byzantine era, around the 6th century, the bathing building was almost completely dismantled to recover building materials. Evidence in support of these dates was not presented in Durand (2015).

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