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Brock (1979:3-4) wrote the following about manuscripts, publications, and translations:

The text survives in Vat. syr. 163 of the seventh century.

First edited by Assemani (Bibhotheca Orientalis I , 388-417), it has been reedited a number of times, notably by L. Hallier in Texte und Untersuchungen (1892 , with an important introduction, German translation and commentary). and by I. Guidi in Chronica Minora I (CSCO 1/1 . pp. 1-13 ; Latin translation in CSCO 2/2, pp. 1-11). There is an English translation by B. H. Cowper in Journal of Sacred Literature (1865), 28145, and a Russian one by N. Pigulevskaya in Palestinsky Sbornik 4 (67) (1959), 79-96.