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Translations and Original Texts

Goldin, J. (1955). The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan, Yale University Press. - version A, the traditional version

Avot de Rabbi Nathan, ed S.Schechter, Wien, London, Frankfurt 1887. in Hebrew - versions A and B

The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan: Abot De Rabbi Nathan Version B, Anthony J. Saldarini, Brill Academic, 1975. - version B

Franz Tayler, London, 1654: Tractatus de Patribus Rabbi Nathan Auctore, in Linguam Latinam Translatus. - Latin Translation

Louis Finkelstein, Mabo le-Massektot Abot ve-Abot d'Rabbi Nathan (Introduction to the Treatises Abot and Abot of Rabbi Nathan) (New York, 1950), English summary

An English version is given by M. L. Rodkinson in his translation of the Babylonian Talmud, i. 9, New York, 1900.

'Aboth d'Rabbi Nathan, translated into English with Introduction and Notes, by Eli Cashdan, in The Minor Tractates of the Talmud, Soncino, 1965.

The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan, Jacob Neusner, University of South Florida Press, 1986.