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Levenson (2013:422) supplies the following on Artemii passio
The eighth-century Artemii Passio50 contains a number of additional details that are best explained as derived from Philostorgius

50 Based on several manuscripts, Bidez assigned the Artemii Passio to an otherwise unknown ninth-century monk John of Rhodes, but recent scholarship has tended to attribute it to the eighth-century Palestinian monk, John of Damascus. For a full discussion of authorship and date, see P.B. Kotter, Die Schriften des Johannes von Damaskos,5:185-187. In support of Bidez’s position, see R.W. Burgess, “The Passio S. Artemii,Philostorgius, and the Date of the Invention and Translations of the Relics of Sts. Andrew and Luke,” AB 121 (2003), 5-36 (especially 5, n. 4, and 23).