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Despite the popularity of his Chronicle, little is known about Georgios Monachus (George the Monk) who was also known as George Hamartolus (George the Sinner). His Chronicle covers "Creation" until 842 CE (Neville, 2018:87). Neville (2018:87-88) noted the following about George's Chronicle
The work is notable for including numerous amusing and moralizing stories, many of which do not have much to do with specific historical events. In some cases, we can tell that the author highlighted moral lessons to be drawn from an episode, but disregarded the chronological placement of the episode within his source material. George has been characterized as a “short-story” writer. By one count, the text includes forty-four discrete stories about bishops, monks, the destiny of the soul, heroic chastity and martyrdom, and pagans, Jews, and iconoclasts.
George wrote the Chronicle in Greek in the last half of the 9th century CE. There are two variants of the text (Neville, 2018:87). Eduard von Muralt published a full volume of the text which was reprinted in Patrologia Graeca Volume 100.