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The Chronicle of Ernoul and of Bernard le Tresorier (Chronique d’Ernoul et de Bernard le Trésorier) is first known to have circulated in the early 1230's CE. It's authors were enigmatic - ‘Ernoul’, a squire in the service of Balian of Ibelin and ‘Bernard’, the treasurer of Saint Peter of Corbie. The Chronicle is a narrative history of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem from its foundation and ending in c. 1230 (the surviving manuscripts conclude in 1227, 1229 and 1231). Rather than a straightforward history written either by Ernoul or Bernard, it is a compilation of historical materials which apparently drew upon an earlier work by the squire of Ibelin for the period from 1184-1187 and then included original material from other sources to tell the story of the Third Crusade and the retrenchment of the Latin Kingdom ( The French of Outremer Project at The Center for Medieval Studies at Fordham University).