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Cyril was the Bishop of Jerusalem when the earthquake(s) of 363 CE struck. After the earthquake, Cyril presumably wrote a letter describing the earthquake and it's effects. The letter that we have may have been written by someone writing later in his name (i.e., attributed authorship or Pseudepigrapha) who used the original letter of Cyril as a source document. Cain and Lenski (2009) opine that the letter is probably not genuine and was likely composed in Syriac in the 5th century CE. However, although they doubt that Cyril was the author, they note that the letter may have been based on an earlier document written in Jerusalem due to its detailed knowledge of the topography of the city and the unique information about the actions of the Jerusalem Christian community. Brock (1977) noted that the consistency of the chronological information contained within the letter also enhances its credibility.