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Brock (1979:3) described the anonymous Syriac Chronicle of Edessa as follows:
A Chalcedonian with Nestorian leanings, writing in Edessa soon after 5406 composed a chronological list of events covering the years 132 BC to AD 540. The majority of entries are very short, but among the longer ones is 8., containing the famous account of a flood in Edessa in November 201, in which the nave of the Church of the Christians was badly damaged. The fact that some of the author's material seems to have been derived from the local archives makes his short chronicle particularly valuable. The text survives in Vat. syr. 163 of the seventh century.

6. So F. Haase, Die Abfassungszeit der Edessenischen Chronik, OC II. 7/8 (1918), 88-96, against Hallier who argued for a date after 570.