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Brock (1979-1980:14) describes this anonymous Syriac Chronicle as brief and covering "Creation" to 846/847 CE. Brock (1976:21) suggested that Chronicon ad annum 846 relies heavily on the Chronicle of Zuqnin. In a manuscript of the 10th century (London Add. 14642, ff. 1-36.), the beginning of the work (most of the 7th century CE) is lost and there are some lacunae elsewhere ( Brock, 1979-1980:14 and Brock, 1976:21). Brock (1976:21) adds that the only surviving entries are for the following years (Seleucid era): A.G. 912, 914, 921, 990, 991, 992, 994, 995, 996, 999, 1006, 1008, and 1010.

Brock (1979-1980:14) further noted that in his edition CSCO Brooks concluded from the several mentions of the monastery of Qartmin (Tur Abdin) that the chronicle had been written there, but as Barsaum later pointed out in his edition of the Chronicle to 819, such a provenance would be more suitable for the latter chronicle which served as a source for such entries to the 846 chronicle; even this, however, is far from certain.