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Chronicon anonymum ad annum 724, which is preserved in a manuscript in the British LIbrary (BM. Add. 14643, fols. 1-57) and is sometimes referred to as Liber Calipharum, is a world chronicle written in Syriac by an anonymous author in the 8th century CE (Brock, 1976). Brock (1976) notes that its entries are not always in chronological order. Affixed to the end of the text is something that may have been added by a later copyist - a list of Caliphs from Mohammed to Yezid II (r. 720-724 CE) along with the lengths of their reigns. This list is thought to have been translated from Arabic for a number of reasons including that it preserves the lengths of the reigns as they are counted in lunar Islamic years ( Penn, 2015:196-197).