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Web Development and Coding


W3 schools

Adobe's Color Wheel

Graphemica - unicode (e.g. for google sheets)

The Oracle of the Internet

Beginners Guide to Responsive Web Design

Experiment in Site Redesign

Hamburger Menus - scroll to bottom to 11. Multi-Depth Hamburger Menu

Displaying KML


A Complete Guide to Flexbox

Flexbox Froggy

Free 20 video course on flexbox

Flexbox Playground

Fonts, etc.

google fonts

Syriac font for Windows Syriac script on Graphemica

Graphemica (unicode characters)

font squirrel


Structural markup and right-to-left text in HTML

ISO Language Codes

Javascript and jQuery

Alan Simpson's Javascript Coding Examples

Defining and updating JavaScript variables in different scopes

Javascript Cheat Sheet

Best JavaScript Data Grids and Spreadsheets

Changing CSS styles with Javascript

Javascript Function Reference


jQuery .load()

Bootstrap collapse

The Simplest Ways to Handle HTML Includes

Data Tables

Data Tables dot net

Data Tables Examples Index



Plotly Tutorial

How to plot two plots in the same figure in plotly.js

W3 schools - plotly

Plotly Event Handlers

Plotly - Filled Area Plots in JavaScript

Plot Digitization

Graph Grabber - free

ResearchGate Question - What is the best free software converting a scanned graph/plot to a digital plot (x,y data)?

Best Plot Digitizer or Graph Digitizer to Extract Data from Images

DigitizeIt - $49


ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

ArcGIS API for JavaScript

ArcGIS Dashboards

Introducing ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript.. J

ArcGIS Web Development.. W

Google Sheets

How To: Embed an editable Google Docs Sheet

Google Apps Script

Coding Google Sheets

Cut and paste superscripts for Google Sheets

Graphic Design

How to Inset an Image in GIMP

Compress a pdf

Test Page

Test Page