Negev (1989)
Phase Description
Ia Mono-apsidal, rudimentary planning of the spaces at the sides of the apse. T-shaped chancel, reliquaries placed on one legged tables at the cross arms of the T at Oboda. The position of the reliquary in the North Church at Nessana (c. 350-400 A.D.) is not clear.
Ib Mono-apsidal, two rectangular rooms are regularly disconnected from the main chancel, reliquaries were placed above or beneath a small table at the back of the side rooms: Mampsis East Church, Elusa East Church, Sobata South and North Churches, (c. 400-450 A.D.).
Ic Mono-apsidal as above. Chancel as above. Reliquaries placed in containers in niches built into the back wall of the side rooms. Oboda South Church, (c. 450-500 A.D.?).
II Originally mono-apsidal, converted into tri-apsidal basilicae, chancel as above, reliquaries placed as above: (Sobata South and North Churches); or just behind the chancel screen of the southern apse, on a one legged table: Elusa East Church, (c. 500 A.D.).
III Tri-apsidal, chancel differently arranged, no relics: Nessana South Church, Sobata Central Church, (early seventh century)