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Oil & Gas


Oil Price Charts from oilprice.com

Rig Count, and Frac Spread, WTI, or Production

Baker Hughes American Rig Count

Baker Hughes International Rig Count

Middle East Rig Count



Interactive Map: Crude Oil Pipelines and Refineries of the U.S. and Canada


Tankers Tracker

Tanker Vessels Database

Marine Traffic Live Map

Open Sea Map


A Complete Guide to Marine Traffic Tracking Technologies and AIS Data

AIS Hub - AIS = Automatic identification systems Transponder

AIS Receiver

AIS API Services

The Twitter bot tracking Russian oil and gas tankers in real time

vesseltracker.com map

Library of Congress Research Guides - Ships and Ship Registers: Sources of Information

Lloyd's Register of Ships online

Number of crude oil tankers worldwide as of April 2020 by type

Vessel tracking the python way

pyrate - the Python AIS Tools Environment

Plotting geospatial AIS data from a database using Python - jupyter notebook

Where to obtain AIS data and easily analyze it without writing a single line of code?


Map of Oil & Gas Refineries Worldwide

Natural Gas

Major Tight Oil and Shale Gas Plays in Lower 48 States

Interactive World LNG Map


steam reforming

Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture and storage

Algorithmic Trading

Making Big Data Work for Commodities

Power BI


Sankey Diagram

How to Get Started with Algorithmic Trading in Python

pandas - open source data analysis and manipulation tool built on top of the Python

Algorithmic Trading with Python – Free 4-hour Course With Example Code Repos

Introduction to the Data Analysis with Python Course - free code camp

Course - Python for Trading! $99

Course - Algorithmic Trading A-Z with Python, Machine Learning & AWS - $14.99 - Daytrading