Earthquake Catalogs

sortable table compiled by Jefferson Williams

Reference Year Language Notes
Abou Karaki 1987 French
Ambraseys 1962 English
Ambraseys 1994 English
Ambraseys 2009 English strong scholarship on textual and archeoseismic sources, ignored paleoseismology, contains seismic insight, interprets the data, one of the best
Amiran 1996 English
Amiran et al 1994 English
Antonopoulos 1979 English
Arvanitakis 1903 French
As-Soyuti 15th century AD translated from Arabic to English by A. Sprenger in 1843
Ben-Menahem 1976 English sloppy citing sources, contains errors, many seismic interpretations, but contains seismic insight
Ben-Menahem 1979 English
Ben-Menahem 1982 English
Ben-Menahem 1991 English
Bonito 1691 Italian
El-Isa Et Al 2014 English
Filippo da Secinara 1652 Italian
Galli 1906 Italian
Guidoboni Et Al 1994 English primarily based on textual sources, strong historical scholarship, one of the best
Von Hoff 1841 German
Kagan 2011 English
Kagan Et Al 2011 English
Kallner-Amiran 1952 English
Ligorio 1574 Italian
Mediterranean Earthquake Catalogs 1994 English list from Guidoboni et al (1994)
Mallet And Mallet 1858 English
Manetti 1457 Italian
Milne 1911 English
Perry 1848 French
Plassard And Kojoj 1981 French
Poirier And Taher 1980a English
Poirier And Taher 1980b English
Russell 1985 English examined source documents and archeoseismicity but occasionally overstates archeoseismic evidence
Salamon Et Al 2010 English
Salamon Et Al 2011 English
Sbeinati Et Al 2005 English based on other catalogs, contains some bad AH entries from Willis and Sieberg and others (?)
Schmidt 1881 German
Shalem 1956 Hebrew
Shebalin Et Al 1974 English
Sieberg 1932a German did not cite sources but contains seismic insight
Sieberg 1932b German did not cite sources but contains seismic insight
Soloview 2000 English
Stephenson 2012 English
Tholazan 1858 ? French
Bible Verses English 27 Bible verses mentioning earthquakes
Willis with corrections 1928 English copy and paste from earlier catalogs, initially misunderstood and misdated Islamic Calendar (AH) dates by ~621-622 years but later issued a correction
Zohar Et Al 2016 English concise descriptions with citations- sorted quake reports by reliability - includes major south levant paleoseismlogy and some archeoseismicity
Ghawanmeh 1992 English Earthquake effects on Bilad ash-Sham settlements