Yasin al-'Umari was born in Mosul in 1745 CE and received his education there (Sayyar, 1983:34). He composed more than 17 historical works including al-Athar al-Jallya fl'l-Hawadith al-Ardiya (Sayyar, 1983:34). Sayyar (1983:35-36) describes al-Athar al-Jallya fl'l-Hawadith al-Ardiya (ATH) as follows:
ATH is an annalistic historical work which covers twelve centuries of Islam, beginning with the first year of Hijra, and ending in 1210 A.H. The original manuscript of ATH. was kept in the Library of Madrasat Ahmad Efendi al-Khayyat in Mosul, (No. 19). This copy appeared to have been written by the author himself. It is now lost.
Another copy of ATH is preserved in the British Library (Or. 6300) in 248 pages.
Sayyar (1983:55) dates the composition of ATH to 1210 A.H. (7 July 1795 - 25 June 1796 CE) when Yasin al-'Umari was 52 years old. Sayyar (1983:55) also reports that the book took 4 years to write, originally consisted of 273 folios, and there is only one known copy (Or. 6300 in the British Library). Yasin al-'Umari died in 1811 or 1812 CE.